Byte Logic Solutions

Design | Implement | Deliver

Byte Logic Solutions is a leading 100% US-based engineering firm that specializes in cutting-edge software and hardware development. With a strong focus on innovation and technology, our team of highly skilled engineers and developers is dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions for a wide range of industries. From conceptualization to implementation, we combine our expertise in software development, embedded systems, and hardware design to create robust and scalable solutions tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs.


• Rapid-turn proof of concept designs
• New product development
• Product sustainability projects
• End of life and technology transfer projects
• Workforce augmentation
• End-of-Line test fixture design

Hardware Development

• Schematic design
• Board Layout
• Prototype board manufacturing and assembly
• End-of-Line test fixture development

Firmware Development

• Embedded firmware development
• Linux application development
• Yocto Linux / BitBake
• Linux drivers

Mobile App Development

• iOS
• Android
• watchOS

Areas of Expertise

At Byte Logic Solutions, we pride ourselves on our extensive areas of expertise that enable us to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies, we specialize in software development, hardware design, embedded firmware, and app development. Some of our specialties include:


Small form factor and low power designs


Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy and Proprietary


From BitBake to custom drivers and applications


From industrial to security to consumer, we connect it all

Test Fixture

Final test and unit verification

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Ready to bring your next project to life with Byte Logic Solutions? We are eager to collaborate with you and turn your ideas into reality. Whether you need software development, hardware design, embedded firmware, or app development services, our team of experts is here to help. We thrive on delivering innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions that exceed expectations.